Grand National could make history In 2018

The Grand National is considered a historic event every year because of how high-profile a race it is. But this year will feature a number of interesting storylines that will make the race even more historic. With a jockey looking to earn a win to break a barrier in the race’s history, there is no shortage of historic possibilities. At the very least, there will be the possibility for history to make every stride in the Grand National feel as important as it ever has.

This potential for history is thanks to Katie Walsh. The jockey who is set to ride Baie Des Iles in the Grand National has the chance to become the first female jockey to claim victory in one of horse racing’s most challenging contests. And with a buzz growing around her horse’s chances to win the race, there is a very real opportunity that this historic outcome will indeed take place.

Walsh isn’t the only woman looking to strike this historic blow in the Grand National, as she is joined by Bryony Frost and Rachael Blackmore. All three jockeys could end up as the first woman to win the Grand National, which would make them historic figures in the sport of horse racing. And with the unpredictable nature of the Grand National, the outcome is not impossible.

There is more buzz for Walsh than her female counterparts, given her history with this race. Walsh finished in third place in the 2012 edition of the race. In doing so she proved that she is capable of contending for first place and that she can handle the pressure of one of the toughest races in all of horse racing.

                   “Here they come around the bend” by Nathan Rupert (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

This year, Walsh boards a horse that is near the top of the board in terms of its odds to win the Grand National. That means that Baie Des Iles has the ability to win the race in a very realistic fashion. With those respectable Grand National betting 2018 odds, competitors have to respect the ability of both horse and jockey to deliver the goods here.

The other two women riding in the Grand National have lesser odds to win the race, with Milansbar and Alpha Des Obeaux having to overcome more than Baie Des Iles to make history.

All of the women competing in the Grand National aren’t the only historic riders to take part in the Grand National meet. Guy Disney, a former member of the military, will be riding in a race earlier in the week to become the first amputee to ride the course at Aintree. While Disney is not being given the same chances that Walsh is to win her race, this is still a significant accomplishment and should inspire members of the amputee community.

What is already going to be a fascinating Grand National meet will only get more interesting if any of the jockeys looking to make history are successful in achieving that goal. These competitors will give horse racing fans something else to cheer for at Aintree.