Wedding hairstyles tips

Congratulations you are going to be a bride – how exciting!! Now here is where the fun starts.

When looking for a hair stylist you need to choose someone with lots of experience who can advise you and suggest various hairstyles which will not only suit your face shape but also your dress, chosen look, personality and hair type. It is also important that you like their personality as they will be there on the day with you!

Pick a company with lots of experience who can suggest not only hairstyles but can also make and design headwear, tiaras, hair accessories, veils, feather fascinators, grips and combs with an amazing selection of over 1000 for the bride and her bridal party. A company that can also provide you with a synthetic or real hair piece to match your hair colour exactly should you need extra bulk or length.

For your wedding day you can go for many looks whether natural, glamorous, chic and styled or curly and feminine. Whatever your look, you need to find someone who can advise you not only what will suit you but also what will work best with your hair.

Wedding hairstyles

It is always good to have a practise beforehand so your hairstylist can come to you and show you various different styles to see what you feel most comfortable with and what you feel suits you most and makes you feel extra special.

A lot of brides grow their hair for the wedding day which is wonderful if you would like a hair up style but there are also beautiful styles for shorter hair which can look just as feminine or glam. Generally it is good to find your hair stylist before you have bought your tiara, headdress or hair accessory as they can really advise you what shape would compliment your faceshape beautifully and then show you different styles to work around that.

It is important to look stunning from the back as well as the front when choosing accessories, for example, if you would like a hair up style, it looks beautiful if you have a few tiny sparkly grips in the back to compliment your tiara in the front. People generally see the back of you first when you are standing at the aisle (whether it is a church wedding or in a civil ceremony) so a subtle sparkle at the back of your hair is very elegant as they will really catch the light!

Whatever your look, find someone professional  who are experienced in TV and film, brides and special occasion hair styles, tiaras and accessories and have worked with different nationalities, hair types and hair lengths who can spoil you with choice and offer you the perfect style for your wedding day in your chosen venue.