Can Bingo Be a Healthy Pastime?

When people are looking for a new pastime that’s healthy, the usual exercise based suspects crop up, such as yoga, swimming and so on. Bingo, however, usually does not!

Bingo has become an increasingly popular leisure activity in the last ten years, and there has been considerable debate as to whether or not it can be considered “healthy”.  Below we’ve listed some points that you may consider to be health benefits.

Improved Cognitive Abilities

When you’re playing bingo – there’s an element of concentration involved.  You’re always listening or looking for the next number to see if it’s one that you can mark off your card.  This in itself will sharpen your cognitive skills.  Research has shown that people who play bingo have greater results in tests relating to memory and cognitive function than those who don’t. It also improves hand-eye coordination.

It can Reduce Stress

Playing a game of bingo can be a lot of fun.  There’s always a bit of an adrenaline rush when you’re close to a big win, and it can distract you from the stresses and strains of everyday life.  This can improve your overall mood just as other activities which give an adrenaline rush can, albeit the benefits may only be short lived. It’s well worth pointing out that gambling can itself become an enormous source of stress for those who become problem gamblers. If this applies to you we would urge you to contact one of the many gambling charities, or at the very least to take the NHS ‘Are you a problem gambler’ test. 

There are Some Great Social Perks

If you were to go to a traditional style bingo hall, you are bound to bump into people and be able to have a chat and celebrate a win together.  Even with online bingo, there is a significant social element.  There is a live chat facility – where you can speak to the fellow players whilst playing bingo and slot games – and quite often there are chat hosts that you can have a natter to.  This can be beneficial to people who don’t have a lot of social interaction in their life already.

It Doesn’t Need to Cost a Lot

Some pastimes can be expensive, and it doesn’t do much for your stress levels having to think about the bill you will receive for taking part.  With bingo, there are lots of free options – so if you choose wisely, you can play for free or very inexpensively.

Although your first thought may be that a game that doesn’t require any physical activity can’t be regarded as a healthy pastime – bingo does potentially have some health advantages.

It is however extremely important to mention that by definition bingo is gambling and as such could itself become a serious health problem if a gambling addiction develops.