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How to Satisfy all of your Firework Needs

Buying fireworks can sometimes be a real hassle. Trying to find the specific types that you want and within the budget that you have can be tough. Many people will just go to their local supermarket but they will find that they do not have a very big range of fireworks and they can be […]

Can Bingo Be a Healthy Pastime?

When people are looking for a new pastime that’s healthy, the usual exercise based suspects crop up, such as yoga, swimming and so on. Bingo, however, usually does not! Bingo has become an increasingly popular leisure activity in the last ten years, and there has been considerable debate as to whether or not it can […]

Top Entertaining Ways to Pass Time Online

The internet is a great tool for a variety of different things. If you’re looking for entertainment then there are simply thousands of ways to spend your time. We’ve got some suggestions for anyone that wants to find themselves entertained with a browser by their side. Read Free Books Copyright free books and public use […]

The Impossible – Movie Review

“Close your eyes and think of something nice,” says Maria to her son. I doubt that the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 would come to mind. Nine years ago near the west coast of Sumatra the fate of millions changed forever due to one of the deadliest natural disasters humanity has faced. Quarter of a […]

Film Review: The Descendants

It’s always nice to find a cultural oasis amid the plethora of remakes and formulaic junk pouring out of Hollywood but when the oasis is provided by writer/director Alexander Payne and the setting is the idyllic Hawaiian capital of Honolulu, it’s a veritable cause for joy. Seven years have passed since Payne’s previous film, the […]

Grand National could make history In 2018

The Grand National is considered a historic event every year because of how high-profile a race it is. But this year will feature a number of interesting storylines that will make the race even more historic. With a jockey looking to earn a win to break a barrier in the race’s history, there is no […]

Will Sizing John Create Cheltenham Gold Cup History?

There’s no guarantee you will ever witness history at a sporting event. There have been moments in memories past when greatness has narrowly eluded even the great teams and competitors. However, that should not be the case with the elite horse Sizing John in his bid to secure back-to-back triumphs at the Cheltenham Gold Cup. […]