How to start your own taxi firm – success stories

Transportation is an essential element of any economy. It facilitates movement of people and goods thus playing a significant role in trade, and by extension development. The importance of transportation has meant that many people usually want to get into this business as the rewards are worth it. Getting into the air or sea transportation business is not that easy as it requires an enormous capital investment beforehand.

Land transportation, on the other hand, is quite easy to start. There are several forms of transportation on land such as rail or trams, cable cars, etc., but this article will solely focus on how you can start your own taxi business. The majority of the taxi businesses around the UK such as A Taxis of Bristol, Zone Minicabs, and Comcab all began as small companies and grew slowly over the years into the companies you know today.

Taxis - Bristol

By following the blueprint of these successful companies, the process of starting your own taxi cab business can be summarized as follows:

Evaluating the idea

One needs to walk around and do some basic research to determine whether the taxi business idea is indeed suitable to the location you have chosen. Does it have the potential to generate profits that you want and to sustain itself?

Developing the business

This entails coming up with a business plan of how you want your business to be. This will involve drawing up plans for where and how you will get finance, licenses, customer retention strategies and long-term sustainability.

Getting your first vehicles

Once you have completed the two processes above, the next step involves purchasing, leasing or hiring the required vehicles for the operation. This process needs one to be very selective as you don’t want vehicles that cost a lot to run and maintain as this is not good for business.


You will need to hire drivers for the cars that you will be using. However, with time, you may also need to get a dispatch team among other staff. Your staff does make a difference when it comes to running a successful taxi business.

Promoting the business

This stage involves marketing your business to potential clients. You will have to visit companies and drop brochures, call up friends, place adverts online in places such as social media among other avenues. The process should always be ongoing as your aim in marketing should be to try and attract more new customers even as you retain the old ones.