Mobile computers for business

There is a wide variety of mobile computers on the market these days. So if you’re a business owner and need to invest in this kind of technology, where do you start?

The first thing to consider is what you need a mobile computer for. Do you need to be able to communicate quickly with colleagues and have access to documents and databases? Or do you need to perform sales transactions? Or perhaps you need your fleet of drivers to have mobile computers they can track deliveries with?

Whatever you need a mobile computer for, there’s plenty of choice out there. Like most technology, change happens very quickly in mobile computing and it can be hard to keep up. But fear not, suppliers such as Symec can help you get to grips with your options.

Mobile computers have come a long way since the days of simple PDAs that people used to carry around to check their emails and browse the internet. Mobile computers today are powerful, independently-powered machines capable of doing just about everything a desktop PC or laptop can.

Rugged mobile computers

Mobile computers for mobile workers

In some fields, people need a device that is able to handle a tough working environment. Rugged mobile computers are perfect because they look like a smartphone and run on operating systems people are familiar with, like Windows or Android. Most of the major manufacturers, including Honeywell and Motorola, make this kind of handheld device and buying a refurbished model can save you some serious cash.

Hands-free options

Some jobs, such as lifting and moving stock around, require workers to have both hands available. Such workers might need to scan things and keep a tight record of where things are. Wearable mobile computers provide the perfect solution here as workers can keep the computer on their wrist. Conveniently, most have voice-activation capabilities as well as scanning options.

Vehicle-mounted mobile computers

Mobile computers can be mounted in a range of vehicles, from forklifts to trucks. Users can stay in touch with your fleet and keep an eye on your distribution centre. Most have a real QWERTY keyboard rather than a touchscreen one, and come fully-loaded with software and licences.

Finding the right portable devices for your business is crucial. They’ll keep your workforce connected, improve your productivity and generally make life easier for mobile workers. It’s worth getting advice on which mobile computers are best for your business, as some fit specific industries better than others.